Testimony from Korean Students

Dear my Vina, you have very beautiful mind, eyes and smile.
Do you know that?
I think you are the best pretty women in Indonesia to me!
Thank you for your kindness and always help me.
I’ll miss your smile and voice.

I’m happy because of you and your friends
I think that Indonesia is beautiful country
Korea is beautiful too, so I want you to come to Korea
If you come to Korea I will welcome you
Thank you to give chance to wear your traditional clothes
You are so beautiful girl
-Jae Eun-

I was really happy to meet you
I think you are angel
Very kind, really pure smile and so on
I won’t forget you and I hope you too
-Eun B (Pipi)-

I think you are so good student
In Korean (Mo Bum Seng)
So good meaning in Korea
When we decided many things
You and your friend so kind
And when you come to Korea
Please contact me
I want to help you just like you in Indonesia
Thank you for your kindness

We’re spending happy time because of your help
You are so beautiful and kind
I’m really thanks for meeting you
You always help us and make me comfortable
If you come to Korea, I wanna guide to Seoul
So, if you have chance to come to Korea, contact me anytime

You are so beautiful and kind of person
Thank you for helping me with doing yourself
We already know your services
Because of you, we learnt about Indonesia culture and nation
I’ll miss here and maybe in Korea, I’ll think often Indonesia

I think you are a fashion leader in Indonesia
You are beautiful and kind
I always thankful your kindness
Indonesia is very hot and greenly
I want to visit again in the future
I’ll miss you

You are kind and beautiful girl
I think that durian ice cream that you give to me is so delicious
Vina is stylist number 1
I love you so much
I’m so happy to meet you in beautiful Indonesia

Thank you for being kind to me and nice to all of us
I won’t forget forever about this moment, and hope you too

Thank you for your kindness
I know that we couldn’t do anything without you
All of us feel like me, thank you
I’ll miss you
-Eun Young-

Vina, thank you for joint us
I realized we can be a good friend even though we greew up in different place and different culture
I got a good impression of Indonesia and also Indonesian
It was a good experience and good memorable things in my life
If you have a chance to come to Korea, please contact me
I will miss you

Beautiful Vina, thank you for being nice and kind to me
I like you and your fashion also
I hope we will meet again

I’m happy to meet you and spend time here
Thank you for your kindness
Especially, everyday you pick up us
And introduce about Indonesia
And it’s new experience to know Bogor’s child education and psychology
Looking around kindergarten is also new experience to me
So, I’m really thank you
I’ll never forget memories in here

I was happy to spend time in IPB
I have to say too much…
But it is time to say good bye
I’m so sad
Anyway, thanks for your kindness
I won’t forget you and miss you
We are friends


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