Written by: Okvina Nur Alvita, Febi Damiko, Hidayat Syarifuddin


Globalization era has brought various changes in growth of the world these days. The changes cover various areas; one of them is in the field of economics. Economic growth walk as according to epoch growth, Alvin Toffler in Simatupang (2007) mentioning that civilization of human being consisted of three wave: agriculture era, industrial era, and the information era. President of Republic of Indonesia have a notion that the fourth wave of civilization is creative economy era as continuation from economic wave of information. Furthermore, President also expresses that creative economics as the fourth wave of economics era, orienting at creativity, cultural, and also the cultural heritage and the environment. Creative economic is the economics era that place creativity, and innovate as a motor of economic activator.

Indonesia as agricultural country faces a challenge to survive in the era of newly economics. Considering agricultural economy represent economics of first wave in this world, but the agriculture represent Indonesian nation spirit. Conscious of this fact, we required the effective way to prepare creative human in Indonesia who not only able to compete in this newly era but also have a spirit of Indonesian nation as agricultural state.

Preparing Indonesian people who not only creative, but also have spirit of Indonesian nation as agricultural state can be gone through by education. Education that proven the effective way to develop children’s creativity is by applying method of holistic education base on character (Hastuti, 2006). In her dissertation, Hastuti (2006) mentioning that children who get method of holistic education base on character has higher level of creativity than children which don’t get method of this education.

Creativity which has been builded since in the elementary school can bear creative individuals in the future. And of course the creativity owned by each the individual can used to develop Indonesia as agricultural state.


Indonesia today is facing two big challenges, its area autonomy which in this time have been started, and the total globalization era will happen in the year 2020. Both of challenge represent heavy test which have to be passed by and drawn up by entire Indonesian nation. Successful key to face that heavy challenge concentrated on quality of Indonesia human resource (cultured and reliable human resource). Therefore, human resource quality improvement early is important matter which must be thought seriously

One of way to face that challenge is focusing the economics policy to the economic creative. Creative economic is the economics era that place creativity, and innovate as a motor of economic activator. In a book “The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas,” John Howkins, the author of book written that creative economics able to contribute national income of United States for USD 960 million in year 1999 and according to data of Entertainment and Media Outlook: Gaining Momentum, this rate estimated will increase along with American creative economic growth equal to 5.6% one year, not only that, government of Chinese developed 798 space as part of Industrial Creative Zone, they thought that economics base on creativity making a promise for economic growth a State ( Boediman, Hartanto, dkk, 2008).

If seen from existing potency, Indonesia can become one of motor of economic activator with various excellences, like cultural diversity, galore creative human resource, progressively the opening of enthusiasm society to creative industry, as well as potency at area autonomy era.

Agricultural people own large of potency to develop creative economics. This matter caused by potency owned rural like natural product, view and others.

One of factor most important in creative industrial development is preparing of creative individuals, because they are creative industrial capital with creative ideas. In this case need individual freedom and state in creating climate to the individual freedom growth.

Bearing creative individuals shall be followed with forming of character and moral reinforcement. According to Yaumil (2002) character education more instructed to improvement of non physical quality. Education of Character early represents process of education in preparing and developing mental attitude since early in face of problems of adolescent life specially. In it, consisted by five aspect of quality of non physical expected can be formed. It’s, personality quality (covering intelligence, resilience bounce and the independence), quality go into society (covering social solidarity and the ability go into society), creation quality, quality of environmental knowledge and quality of religious spiritual

School, as institution of formal education, owns big responsibility in course of that forming. This matter because of almost half day from time of child finished at school. With time during that, expected by child do not is clever only in Lesson but also can form their character.

But practically, to date the education in Indonesia assessed by not yet able to push character forming. This matter caused by learning paradigm existing in this time is how to prepare students to be able to step into world work and get high salary as according to market circumstance. According to Williams and Gate (2007) policy of education in Indonesia also more make account of aspect of brain intelligence, and recently important education of kindness of ethic become substance of crowded discussion. There is saying that curriculum of education in Indonesia made only by suited for passed to 10-20 gratuity of best brain. Its meaning most schoolchild (80-90 gratuities) cannot follow curriculum of Lesson at school. As a result since age early, most children will think foolish of because difficulty corresponds to existing curriculum.

Therefore, Writer feel called to study and give real solution in finishing problems exist in life in Indonesia in welcoming Economic Creative Era.


Economic Creative Era

Creative economics a lot of interpreted by as more activity place forward creativity, to yield something matter newly. UNESCO of Year 2003, releasing formal creative industrial definition as an activity creating knowledge, original service and product, in the form of result of masterpiece self. Economic value from result of this creation become collapsible duplicate when adopted and commercialization by service industries and factory (Hambali, 2007)

President of Republic of Indonesia also expresses that creative economics as the fourth wave of economics era, orienting at creativity, cultural, and also the cultural heritage and the environment. Creative economic is the economics era that place creativity, and innovate as a motor of economic activator.

Frankly if traced deeper, we have recognized creative economics since ancestor’s epoch. Its proof earn us see from some omission of mahakarya like Temple of traditional Borobudur and weapon of Keris. Not to mention manner of area dance, song and area castanets, traditional cloth, and others. Altogether that becomes heritage of culture supporting Indonesia tourism.

Talking about creative economics perhaps will not get out of creative industry. Consisted by creative economics 14 industrial sector namely advertising, film and photography, music, architecture, art and antique, handicraft, design fashion designer, game software, performing arts, publishing, software and it services, television and radio, research and development

Preparing Toward Creative Economy Era

Step which must be done first time is equalized of perception. Governmental, all economist, and also agent in creative industry, surely own separate definition hit creative industry. Afterwards, we can divide preparation into two periods that is short- term period and the long- term period.

  1. Short- term period

    • In this period, government expected can socialize this creative economic movement as well as possible, is knowable so that and comprehended by all Indonesia people which do not only living in metropolis, but also which living in outlying place and also outback.

    • Government has to give to access very easy in credit. In this time, Government has executed Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR) expected ambulatory better.

    • Government have to often make Expo creativity pickings, to can race the spirit of creative economic agent and do not forget promotion which intensively till until abroad.

    • Intensive training and education Gift existence hit entrepreneurship and non-stopped to give tuition and control in order to the training and education do not become without effect.

    • Existence of special extension agent or counselor like extension agent of agriculture and extension agent family. Extension agent of family can give input hit the solving of problem of family and can give knowledge how to manage finance of effort in order to not mix with expense money.

    • Activity and devotion done by government, LSM and also from company in CSR program (corporate social responsibility).

    • Academician have to follow in gift of input in policy made by a government, and also in program of devotion socialize and also give new invention which can be used by agriculture society.

2. Long- term period

At this period, we have to focus to children education. Education Model in Indonesia we shall change to become Holistic Education base on Character. Holistic Education base on Character focused at forming of entire human being dimension aspect, so that can become human being which with character. Holistic Curriculum base on Character is compiled by pursuant to Curriculum Base on Competence( KBK) and applied by using approach Student Active Learning, Integrated Learning, Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Contextual Learning, Collaborative Learning, and all Multiple Intelligences can create atmosphere learn effective and please, and also can develop entire aspect dimension of human being holistically. This Model focused at forming of character of student because character of nation represents important aspect determining progress a nation. Character nation very depend on quality character of human resource (SDM).

The character with quality requires be forming and constructing since age early. According to Freud personality cultivation failure which is either in age early this will form person which is a period in a period o adult later. Parent successfulness guide their child in overcoming personality conflict in age early very determine child successfulness in social life in a period of/ their adult later. (Megawangi, 2004)

By using model of Holistic Education base on Character, education of Indonesia can yield creative generation and with character which perhaps will be able to move forward Indonesia state.

Role can be Taken by Agricultural People

During the time, Agricultural People related by poorness and stupidity and also not left behind information. With existence trend of Creative Economics Era, Agricultural People have to exploit all potency owned. Agricultural People own very big potency to succeed in this Economic Creative Era. This caused by potency owned in the region, like view, natural product, and human resource.

Agricultural people have to start to correct self, to go out from foolish and impecunious. Assistive by government and institute the other, agricultural people have to can improve their economics from this galore resource. Some sector which can be developed by agricultural people is research and development, crafting artistic market and the antique goods. Example which can be done is madly region of residence as countryside or kampong of wisata and others.

Responsibility Each Element in Indonesia

Creative economics can repair and improve our state economics level. That matter shall be realized since now. Owned remarkable potency, Indonesia can become a motor of Creative economic activator.

In order to the this creative economics can be executed, there are some party which responsible like government, LSM, Academician, private sector and entire Society. This entire element is expected can participate actively, each other co-ordinate, meaning business and commit in running programs which is made arrangements for reach efficacy in this Creative Economic Era.


Indonesia as agricultural country faced a challenge to survive in the era of newly economics. Considering agricultural economy represent economics of first wave in this world, but the agriculture represent Indonesian nation spirit. Conscious of this fact, we required the effective way to prepare creative human in Indonesia that not only able to compete in this newly era but also have a spirit of Indonesian nation as agricultural state. Preparing agricultural people towards creative economy era two periods that is short- term period and the long- term period. To prepare agricultural people towards creative economy era required supports from all stakeholders like Government, NGO, Academician and All citizens.


Boediman, Andi S; Djoko Hartanto, Era Sukamto, dkk. 2008. Indonesia Kreatif = Indonesia Kompetitif. The Season of Indonesian Cultural Heritage & Craft 2008.

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Hastuti, Dwi. 2006. Analisis Pengaruh Model Pendidikan Prasekolah pada Pembentukan Anak Sehat, Cerdas, dan Berkarakter. Disertasi. Sekolah Pascasarjana IPB.

Megawangi, Ratna. 2004. Pendidikan Holistik Berbasis Karakter untuk TK dan SD : Model Pendidikan Berkualitas, Menyenangkan dan Membangun Karakter bagi Anak-anak Indonesia. Dalam Proposal Implementasi KBK 2004 : Pendidikan Holistik Berbasis Karakter Untuk TK dan SD.

Williams, Russell T. dan Ratna Megawangi. 2007. Dampak Pendidikan Karakter Terhadap Keberhasilan Akademik dalam http://keyanaku.blogspot.com/ diakses tanggal 25 Agustus 2008

Yaumil. 2002. Pendidikan Karakter Perlukah? dalam http// gemari.or.id diakses 25 Agustus 2008.


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  4. Good thinking. Anyway, I am little skeptical to lean on government as the driving force for the rise of creative industry. It started from the community, then it picked up by the government as a good leverage for political issue.

    Most of the existing creative industry proved itself as a self initiatives, either from artist, designer, association or any other organizations. The government only do well on promoting it as a buzzword.

    To really make a sustainable industry, we need to build a platform in which a newer generation of creative people, entrepreneurs and organizations can really build upon. The model is building a sustainable value chain, that is including preparing the idea supply, then feeds them to the incubator. Through mentoring and capacity building, then it’s showcased to meet with potential buyers. Then it matched to an already sustainable organization to really exploit the intellectual property generated.

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